Book Club Questions – The Amazing Gracie Trilogy

Thank you for considering the books of The Amazing Gracie Trilogy for your book club. These books can be read out of order, but readers will have a better appreciation for the story by reading them in order.

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench – Book 1

Gracie’s friend Ariana believes in many things that would cause some to raise an eyebrow in disbelief. For instance, she insists that Gracie talk to her plants, and she gives Gracie some obsidian stones to clear the energy out of her old apartment. Do you think her beliefs have any magic? Why or why not? Even if you didn’t, would you follow her directions, just in case?

Do you believe there’s more to life than what we can see or touch?

Do you think Gracie made the right decision when Webb Truitt was in her car? If not, why?

Did you feel empathy for the Cantu family? How about for Victor? What if this were your own family? Do you think it would be the same?

Did anything about this story give you a new or different impression of San Antonio and/or Texas? If so, was it positive or negative? Did anything make you want to visit?

Does it enhance the story that Gracie is not a traditional law enforcement officer? Have you ever met someone who works as a consultant to a law enforcement agency?

How did you feel about Roland Jackson, Gracie’s boss? Have you ever worked with someone like him? Would you like to work for someone like him?

Gracie’s relationship with Nick is platonic. She says she thinks of him as another brother. Do you think it will ever be something more or will they always be friends only?

How do you feel about Slaton Enloe? Is it a love/hate relationship? Do his good qualities make up for the bad? Do you enjoy meeting this type of character?

What about Slate’s wife? Do you think she loves him? Or did she marry him only for his money?

San Antonio is a unique city. The area was originally populated with indigenous people before Spanish explorers arrived in the early 1700s. Over a hundred years later, settlers from the eastern U.S. states began arriving followed by a large number of German immigrants. These main ethnic groups have lived together and intermarried for generations. What other cities compare to San Antonio?

San Antonio, and much of Texas, routinely receives several days—sometimes weeks—of 100F+ days every summer. Do you think you could live in a location with that climate?

What about dark chocolate jalapeno cupcakes? Do you think you’d like eating one?


Bluebonnet Ballerina – Book 2

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