The Amazing Gracie Trilogy

A law enforcement consultant whose special skill is putting random pieces together discovers she has psychic ability, but she never knows when this new aptitude will appear. Or how it will affect her.

The consultant is Gracie Hofner, a thirty-two year old former San Antonio Police Department detective. The consultancy that employs her is called The Bastion Group.

Gracie is the youngest of five, with one sister and three brothers. She’s dedicated and persistent. She’s also a little klutzy.

As you may have inferred from the graphic, this trilogy is one continuing story which flows from the first book to the second and concludes in the third.

Each book is complete in and of itself, but will be much more satisfying if read in order.

I hope you’ll help me spread the word, both now and when each book is released. More about all that when it’s time for the first book. Soon. Very soon.