Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2020!

2019 passed in a whirlwind. Our year was filled with major ups and downs, including the death of a close family member and a major move from San Antonio to the Houston area. I’m hoping for a much calmer and happier 2020.

So many of you have asked when my next book will be out. Since I haven’t actually written novel words on a screen since April, it won’t be anytime soon. However, I plan to start writing again next week, God willing. So look for something new from me either this fall or next spring.

You’ve also asked if there will be more Gracie books. I’m happy to tell you YES! The book I’m working on now will be another Gracie book. It will follow the timeline but will be a standalone novel. Feel free to pass this news along.

Since it’s New Year’s Day as I’m writing this, it’s time to prepare our traditional Texas New Year’s Day meal: ham for good health, cabbage for good fortune, and black-eyed peas for good luck.

I’ll bet Gracie will be eating that same food  🙂

I wish all of you good health and happiness throughout this first year of a brand new decade.

Love and hugs,