OCTOBER – The Month of Gracie

Thanks to all of you who nominated JALAPENO CUPCAKE WENCH during the Kindle Scout campaign. Although Kindle Press did not choose to publish the book, I’ve chosen to publish it myself.

JALAPENO CUPCAKE WENCH will be available in both Kindle and paperback editions on Monday, October 16, 2017. 

A special thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway in association with the Kindle Scout campaign. Congratulations to the winners: Kindle Paperwhite – Dominga G.; Amazon Gift Cards: Christina G. and Nancy L.

Jalapeno Cupcake Wench @ Kindle Scout

8/28/17 UPDATE: The Kindle Scout campaign has ended. What fun! Thank you to all who helped Gracie have fun at the party. Now we wait to see if Kindle Press will choose JALAPENO CUPCAKE WENCH for publication. If not, I will publish the book myself. So stay tuned.

The reason I’m updating this post is to announce the winners of the giveaway. I’ve notified the three winners by email and am waiting to hear back. 

Winner of the Kindle Paperwhite: Dominga G

Winners of one $50 Amazon Gift Card each:  Christina G and Nancy L


That’s right … Gracie and Jalapeno Cupcake Wench are part of the Kindle Scout program until midnight EDT on August 27.

What does that mean?

For starters, it means you have the opportunity to receive a free Kindle copy of the first book of Gracie’s story.


All you need is an Amazon.com account. If you don’t have one, visit Amazon. Setting up an account is free and does not require a purchase. Then go here: https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2NFU91307VBIW and click the Nominate button. The first 20 or so pages are available for you to read.

What happens next?

The book will be available to nominate until midnight EDT on August 27, after which you will receive an email from Kindle Scout letting you know whether the book was accepted for publication.

If so, you will receive a free Kindle copy about a week before the official launch.

If not, they will notify you when I publish the book so that you can be one of the first to purchase a copy in Kindle or paperback.

But Wait … There’s More!

To further entice you to vote for Gracie, I’m running a contest. It’s totally based on the honor system. The contest drawing will occur before I know whether the book is chosen.

All you have to do is send me an email at carolkilgoreauthor@gmail.com and tell me you nominated my book. Also please leave your name and a good contact email.

At the end of the campaign, I’ll draw three names.

The first name will win a Kindle Paperwhite ereader.

The next two names will each receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

So … go read.
Tell your friends.

After all, who doesn’t want the chance to get a great book that costs nothing except a few minutes of your time.




Here’s Gracie!

I’m so excited y’all are finally going to get to meet her. More news will be coming soon, so check back mid-month.

A hot and spicy taste of murder—and more.

During the day, law enforcement consultant Gracie Hofner is on assignment at a small San Antonio bakery, waiting for a delivery. No one knows what it is or when it will arrive. The upside? Working next to Donovan Beck, a flirty hunk and a half—perfect fling material.
At night, Gracie resumes her search for a little girl and her mother who went missing following a double murder. Finding the pair is imperative or the girl will become a target.
At the girl’s aunt’s house, Gracie experiences a peculiar need to leave immediately. She tries to deny the urge to flee and pushes the pressure aside, but the compulsion intensifies. Gracie thinks she must have a brain tumor. Or is losing her mind. When similar events continue to occur, Gracie sees a pattern. Can she use this newfound ability to help her find the girl and her mother before it’s too late?
Thus begins the story that becomes The Amazing Gracie Trilogy.
A law enforcement consultant whose special skill is putting random pieces together discovers she has psychic ability,
but she never knows when this new aptitude will appear.
Or how it will affect her.
   Hi! I’m Gracie Hofner. Carol asked me to tell you about myself. As if she hasn’t done that already. Sometimes she makes me a little crazy, always wanting to know what I think or how I feel. With my fingers, you crazy writer woman. But I’m glad she found me.
   So you already know my name and that I work in law enforcement. It’s Saturday evening, and for once I’m not working. I’m on the patio and Nick’s in the kitchen. Oh, I forget you don’t know about Nick Rivera. He’s my partner. Former partner. Working partner. When I worked for the PD. That’s the police department here in San Antonio. He stayed there when I decided to work for Bastion. But we’ll always be partners even if we don’t work together.
   “Gracie, where’s your speaker?”
   “I put it up. In the hall closet.”
   Nick will be out here with music in a few, so I have to keep this short. Sorry, Carol. I said I wasn’t working, but it’s ongoing. It never really stops. Nick’s on a case now, and my new assignment may be connected. We have a lot to compare, and music helps.
   I grew up with everyone listening to George Strait, but Roger Creager’s my go-to guy. Nick thinks I’m dorky. That’s all right. I am. He likes more rock, so we’ll listen to a little bit of everything before we’re done.
   “Okay, Gracie. Put down the cat videos. Let’s get started.”
   Gotta go. See you in Jalapeno Cupcake Wench!

Welcome to my newly designed website!

How do you like my new look? This new design will let me keep in touch with you on a more immediate basis. Somewhere between the speed of Twitter and Facebook and the once-a-monthness of my blog.

You’re apt to find all kinds of things in this space. Most likely book news, contest notifications, things like that. Sometimes it may change more than once a day. Sometimes you may wonder if I’m on vacation  😉

My big news is the announcement of my just-completed project, The Amazing Gracie Trilogy.

A law enforcement consultant whose special skill is putting random pieces together discovers she has psychic ability, but she never knows when this new aptitude will appear. Or how it will affect her.

The announcement of the first book will be coming soon. There will be balloons and fireworks and prizes.

Hope to see you back here soon.




Thanks for stopping by. I’m busy getting things ready for a big announcement you’ll see here on Monday.
Please come back then for some exciting news!